Jen and Thu


The robotic dog we created walks forward when someone touches its nose and it wags its tail when someone comes close to pet it. A touch sensor is the input that acts as the “nose” of the dog. The two motors on the side that act like dog’s legs they are the output that react to the touch sensor. When the nose is touched, the legs rotate causing the dog to walk for 5 seconds. We did this by attaching wheels to the motors. Additionally, we attached two front legs which had wheels at the bottom in order to help with stability and smooth movement of the dog.

Additionally, there is an ultrasonic sensor that is attached to a motor under the brick, which causes the dog to wag its tail by rotating in a circle when someone comes less than 5 cm to it. It will wag its tail for 2 seconds. The ultrasonic sensor is meant to look like the dog’s eyes, and we attached bent lego pieces as ears. There are also gears throughout the body to represent spots on a dog.



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