Harambot 4000 Model E


 The Harambot 4000 Model E was invented by Liam Durant and Yekwon Park. The robot functions with a brick that resembles the body, and 4 motors attached to the brick that resemble the legs of a gorilla. There are also ultrasonic sensor and touch sensor attached to represent eyes and chest, respectively. First, the motors were attached to the brick through various types of pins, used to connect pieces. The front arms of Harambot are long rotating legs that help propel the robot forward in a large motion. The hind legs also facilitate this motion as they kick back, propelling Harambot even further. The ultrasonic sensor is attached at the top front portion of the robot to resemble a gorilla’s head and eyes. The ultrasonic sensor is used to tell Harambot when an object is within 20 cm of it, which then lets Harambot move away from the object. The touch sensor is just below the ultrasonic sensor, and when pressed, will make the robot charge at the person who pressed the touch sensor. The coding was done in labview as you can see in the picture below!


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