Taswar and Katie Color Sensor



We were testing the color sensor and how easily it is affected by its environment. We placed four different colored notebook (orange, light blue, dark blue, and red) half an inch away from the sensor, and then read it's RGB value in different environments. We tested in direct sunlight outside, direct sunlight inside, shade outside Dewick and outside the campus center, inside room 219 in the campus center not in direct sunlight, and inside a dorm room at night with christmas lights, in the dark and with the room lights on.  


We found that the environment does have an impact on the color sensor. We expected that in darker places the RGB value would be lower than in lighter places. However, in direct sunlight the color sensor read 0 for all notebooks. This is unexpected because 0 on the RGB scale is black. We expect outside sunlight to be very bright and the RGB readings to be closer to that of white. In addition, the inside direct sunlight was also very close to 0.  

We also found that red is the most obvious color because it shows most expected RGB values both inside, outside and in the dark. The other colors followed a similar trend but did not give consitent results in different enviornments. 
One downside to our experiment was that the notebooks were slightly reflective which caused the sensor to reflect light off of the notebooks. This could have negatively impacted our data.  

Through our investigation we realize that in real life autonmous naviation the color sensor would be really great to test the different lines on the road such as the yellow line, white line or dotted lines. However, with our findings that the enviornment does have an impact on the readings of the sensor, it would be impractical to use this specific sensor. Many a time the car will be changing from the shade to direct sunlight, and this sensor hardly gives a value in direct light.

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