Ashwin, Julia, Maxwell Duc Magic Trick


For our trick we made a robot disappear.  We did this using two daisy-chained robots separated by a trap door.  The robot below the trap door is holding the door closed.  The robot on top of the trap door has a conveyor belt that covers it with the fabric.  The robot then beeps 5 times as a countdown and the arm on robot below the trap door moves down to open the door, allowing the robot above to fall through.
We programmed the robot by opening two robots in Labview.  We then renamed the ports that each of the motors were plugged into as conveyor, trap door 1, and trap door 2.  Next, we turned on the conveyor motor that raises the fabric.  Then we programmed a for loop that causes the robot to beep 5 times, waiting 1 second between each beep, to count down.  The program then turns on trap door 1 and trap door 2 motors to open the door.
One challenge we faced was stabilizing the robot under the trap door since it had to hold the weight of the robot above it and be able to catch the top robot when it falls.  We did this by attaching legs to the bottom of the brick to be able to support the structures.  Another challenge we faced was finding a way for the top robot to hold and raise the fabric without holding onto it when it falls through the door.  We did this by hanging the fabric on a dowel that the robot could hold more easily.  We also made sure the dowel was wide enough so that it didn’t fall through the trap door along with the robot.

magictrickcode_580425525e792Magic Trick Code.vi31.77 KB

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