Faizan and Adan’s Magic Trick



So for our 4th Project we have made a robotic cup machine that plays the traditional game of ball and cups but with a modern twist.

The most unique aspect of this robot is the fact that the motor rotating the cups can itself be rotated around, which makes the cups really hard to follow. It is also the structure that was most difficult to construct because wires would get tangled pretty quickly. In our attempts, we found that it tangled the least if wire passed right at the point where motors connect. Totally free movement is impossible but this method allows one revolution of freedom in either direction.

The structure of the cups is directly related to the trick so it is explained in reveal. The complete trick and the details/reveal of the trick itself are in the videos at the end. (Note: The trick video has some transitions between scenes but the video editing is in no way a part of the trick.)

The program for this robot can be seen above. It waits for a touch and then program divides into tasks. These two tasks deal with motors seperately. One motor is controlled by angle and other by time, so the motors run out of sync and the movements of cups themselves become random making them hard to follow. At every loop it checks to see if the button is pressed. If it is the loop ends and the movement stops.

Here is the trick:
Here is the reveal:


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