Daniel and Jason’s Magic Trick


 Our magic trick uses a forced card to make it appear that their card changed color and design. The forced card is then placed randomly back in the deck, while a duplicate with a different back is on the bottom of the deck. Our robot then shuffles through the cards, until someone sees the odd colored card, which is their card. The robot for this trick needed to hold the cards, and be able to shuffle through the deck, yet go slow enough so the viewer can catch the different card.
In order for the robot to function properly, we made sure to have a long base to receive the cards and parallel sides to align the cards in a linear path. We used two bent structures on the front to stabilze the somewhat top heavy machine. A problem arose during creation where the wheel was not pushing down hard enough on the cards. We decided to use the ball bearing on top of the wheel for extra weight, which pushed the motors downward.
Our coding was done in labview, and is rather simple. A while loop makes the code continuous, while inside the loop the motors wait for a press of the touch sensor to begin motion, and wait for another bump from the touch sensor to stop moving. This allows us to have control over when the motor moves, and lets us stop the motor when the viewer notices the pink card. 


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