The Magic Box

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Handy Dorceus

Nick Bowers


Project 4: Magic Trick


Create functional EV3 Machine that either performs a magic trick or aids in the completion in a magic trick.


For the program we used a while loop so that we could just run the program forever so that we would never need to reopen the Magic Box and reveal all its secrets. In the loop, the programs waits for the user to press a button then it moves a motor in one direction for 5 seconds and in the other direction for 5 seconds and then stops. This is to give the illusion that the box is actually sifting through the deck and looking for the card. When the button is pressed a second time on another portion of  the box, motors move and a card is “photo copied” into existence which should be the card that the participant selected at the beginning of the magic trick.

Structure/ Functionality:

The entire robot fits inside of a shoe box. The main body/EV3 head is located on one side of the box and has attached to a motor connected to two wheels that are touching and when activated it causes the participant’s card to pop up as the “printed copy”. Also in the box is a mechanism used that holds the deck in place. Attached to this mechanism is a single motor and a small wheel used to deal out the deck. This part of the magic box serve no real purpose aside from holding the deck and making noise giving the illusion that the deck is being sifted through.


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