Jen, Thu, Katie, and Taswar Haunted House



There are three parts to this project, all initiated with a push of a touch sensor.


The first part includes a hand inside a jack-o-lantern bucket. When the button is pressed, the hand would reach out with little spiders and spider webs in it. Then it would come back down and reset itself. The second part is a gravestone that moves right and left which reveals the third element, a skull moving and talking.



To create the moving hands, we hot glued the two skeleton hands together and rubber band it around a lego piece so that it stayed. We then connected the hands to a motor that would move the hands up and down coming out over the pumpkin. It would go up for 1 seconds, break, then move back down for 1 seconds.

To create the moving gravestone, we stuck the gravestone to the conveyor belt and used a motor to move the belt forward for 1 seconds, break, then move backwards for 1 seconds. We used axis in the back and on the sides to try and support it and keep it up right as it moved along the belt.


For the skull, we attached paper clips to the jaw, which was then attached to a motor to move the mouth. The motor and skull were attached to a cardboard box to add stability and keep it off the ground.  We used an arduino uno to set up the blinking action inside the skull. Two LEDs were connected together each with its own resistor of  330 ohms. One pin of the LEDs were connected to port 6 of the Arduino and the other pins via the resistors were connected to the ground on the Arduino board. Then using code, we set up the blinking action. We also played a creepy laughing sound. We got the file off of youtube, shortened it down to only a couple of seconds and then turned it into a .wav file so it could run with the code.


Finally, we decorated with glow sticks, fake cobwebs and little black spiders.

halloweencode_5817e9ae269fdHalloween Code.vi68.56 KB

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