Kevin, Lucy, David, and Ahmed’s Flappy Pong


For the interactive video game, we decided to combine two of the most popular video games of all time: Flappy Bird and Pong. We fused the two together by changing how the paddles move. Instead of a joystick or up and down buttons, etc, the paddles move like Flappy Bird does. Pushing the touch sensor sees the paddle of the corresponding player jump up, and when it is not pressed, it falls faster and faster. This gravity was coded using two timers and using the change in position = (constant)* t^2.  The time that we used was the difference between the current timer value, and the timer value of when the touch sensor was last activated. We also used a control to allow the players to vary the speed and vary the winning score.


 A screen capture of a game.

flappypong_582a2ea9d3ec4Flappy Pong.vi249.14 KB

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