Liam and Yeks’ Beep It!

bopit_582a85e13c882Bop It!.vi40.68 KB

For our video game project, we decided to program a game quite similar to the well-known childhood game, Bop It!. We renamed it as Beep It! as we felt it was an appropriate name for such a game made out of legos.

The game works by scoring a point each time a player does the prompted task in a limited amount of time, and ends when the player is unable to do a task in time. There are three tasks, a “Push It!” where the player needs to push the touch sensor, a “Twist It!” where the player needs to twist the wheel on the left-side of the brick. There is also a “Wave at It!” task where the player needs to wave at the ultrasonic sensor that is attached to the front of the brick.

The programming was done through LabVIEW and the code divided into three scenarios according to the three different tasks. This program is a GUI because the brick displays different texts and numbers, including the scoreboard and the tasks that need to be done!

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