Daniel and Jason’s Spinning Shapes


 Currently, the Spinning Shapes toy has a touch sensor that is bumped. Attached is a medium motor with a wheel and this turns the blue holder and. The user has to place the shapes in the desired spot. We have multiple legos on each side to catch the shapes when they fall. This is all attached to the EV3.  

The code for this robot is rather simple. Inside of a while loop, a wait for bumped function runs the motors, and another wait for bumped function stops the motors. 

Survey Findings

Do you like shapes? 
They all said yes. That proves that there is a level of intrest for the toy.  
Do you want it to go faster?
They all agreed that the speed should be increased. 
Would you like a sound to play after each shape entered the hole?
They all wanted sounds to play. 
What do you want from the newer model? 
They wanted it to be more intresting. Some suggested to have the blue holder move up and down as well. Some said that there should be music. Others wanted different shapes. Some wanted it to reconginze when a specific shape enters the hole and then have the motor change direction. 

New Model: 
We will be creating a 3-d printed version of the current model. The shapes will be put through holes which will be held vertically instead of horizontally. Behind each of these holes is a touch sensor, which could do a number of functions, such as play a tone or interact with the motion of the shapes itself. Another function we are considering adding is a time constraint, where the timer would start when the buttons are pressed and the children would have some time to get all of the shapes in, and if they fail a sad tone would play and the shapes they made in would fall out. If they succeded, a happier tone would play and then all of the pieces would reset. Overall, the toy would increase in complexity and flexibility. 


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