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Our project was inspired by the books that little kids play with where they can change the different body parts of characters and attach them to other characters. For this project we created a digital version of this book. There are three wheels that each correspond to the head, torso, or legs of different characters. As you rotate the wheel, it scrolls through the different character options. For example, you could put together all of Superman’s body parts together, or you could have Superman’s head, Snow White’s torso and Buzz Lightyear's legs. This toy is supposed to be creative, silly and collaborative as up to three different kids can be changing the body parts at a time.

Survey Findings

Question & Answer:


Do you recognize the characters?

  • Yes


What other characters would you like to see?

  • Star Wars

  • Tinkerbell

  • Supergirl



  • Hard to use the wheels, some of them were rolling the wheels on the table instead of picking it up

  • How many people mixed vs matched

  • Kids enjoyed making funny characters

  • The younger kids were more into mixing and matching the characters



  • Screenshotting and saving the images made

  • Sharper images

  • Make the images match up better

  • Adding sounds that go along with the head of the character

  • Having more characters to choose from

  • Adding in background


Changes to Prototype:

  • We plan on editing the images so that they are less pixelated and that they match up better

  • We are going to add more characters

  • We are going to change the structure of the wheels so that they are easy to turn and are more approachable

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