Chris and Kevin’s Digital Drawer


       For our toy, we made a robot that would allow children to draw on a monitor by turning motors and pushing buttons. The robot consists of 3 large motors, 1 medium motor, 3 touch sensors, and a color sensor. All these are attached to the EV3 through a series of supporting Lego pieces. The robot is then connected to a computer which runs the program. The computer can then be connnected to a larger monitor for an enhanced experience.

        The main control is given by the two large motors pertruding from the left and right side of the brick. These two motors allow the children to change the x and y position of the cursor, hence, moving it around the screen. In the back there are two other wheels, the one on the left allows you to cycle through stamps, while the one on the right allows you to erase the screen and start over. In the front there are 3 buttons. The one on the left allows you to place stamps when bumped. One of the buttons on the right allows you to turn the drawing pen on/off, while the other button allows you to cycle through different backgrounds. In the middle of the robot there is a color sensor with a strip of color looped over it. This allows the kids to change the color of the pen by pulling on the strip. 

        The backgrounds consisted of: a blank screen, a field, the ocean, outer space, and several cartoon faces.
        The stamps consisted of: a dog, a cat, a hat, an elephant, fire, a balloon, pizza, a car, and a rocket ship.



 Survey Questions and Answers:

1) Were the spinners too big, too small, or the right size?
          -All kids answered that they were the right size.

2) What was your favorite stamp?
          -The top three stamps were the fire, the pizza, and the elephant. 

3) Which stamp did you like the least?
         -The least favorite stamps for most kids was the hat.

4) What extra stamp would you like added?
        -Other colored balloons, dolphin, panda, spiderman, chess piece, lightsaber, and butterflies. 

5) What was your favorite background?
     -The top three backgrounds were outer space, the field, and blank. 

6) What was your least favorite background?
      -Overwhelming consensus for the face background. 

Survey Findings

 Based on the observations, it became clear that children of younger ages use less of the features and tend to just draw with the cursor most of the times. As age increase, they become more interested in background change and the use of stamps. 

Based on the feedback and survey, one of the things that needs to be fixed is the removal of the face background because it did not appeal to anybody. Other improvements include adding more stamps and backgrounds based on what the kids would like. An interesting concept is adding a maze as one of the backgrounds so that older children can have a goal to accomplish. 

Modifications that can be made to the robot include adding more support to the robot so that it doesn't fall over when the kids try to use it. Another modification is to add a colorful case around the robot to make it more attractive to the kids. We could also add visual labels to the controls so that the kids can see (via pictures) what each button does making it less confusing. The color strip could also be modified to be more compact and easier to use. 

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