Faizan and Adan’s Lego LOGO Live



For our final project, we decided to make a live version of the old Microsoft Windows Logo program that we used in middle school as kids. The robot has two pens that can be lifted and put back down. It has two motors that help it move. The robot is controlled through the touchscreen on the connected laptop.

As can be seen below the interface is very simple. The robot can only go forward and turn right. This was a deliberate choice because we wanted to see if children were prepared for more advanced controls.

The programming is more complicated than the structure. There are a couple of loops running in parallel. They check the on-screen button status and perform tasks according to them.

Survey Questions:
How easy was the concept of the system?
How easy to use was the interface?

What did the children attempt to do with the system?

Were they able to achieve what they wanted to?

What animal would they want this robot to be?

Survey Findings
We asked questions from the kids and observed as they interacted and learnt several things. Firstly, the kids intuitively prefer holding the button instead of tapping it. Overall, once they learnt the controls, the kids were able to control the robot effectively and wanted more control. However, there were some cases where children were not able to do so.

We also discussed with parents and their opinion of what their child would prefer and they gave many suggestions such as making the interface more colorful, adding arrows and sounds etc.

We are going with turtle as the animal because we asked some kids if it looked like a turtle and they agreed. Hence, in further decoration that would be our aim.


logo-colored_584901c04f4f0logo-Colored.vi63.27 KB

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