Arty the Turtle

Made by Faizan Muhammad and Adan Leos
Previously called "Lego LOGO Live", Arty the Turtle is the our final project version of its predecessor prototype featuring many new improvements and functions based on the responses we received and we are happy to say that it was a great success.


Improvements from Prototype

This model features a light sensor that detects floor color. If it goes onto the black floor it automatically turns around to avoid drawing on the floor.

The whole structure was also rebuild in a different way so the wires would not tangle up underneath or get twisted near motors.

It was also decorated by a turtle cutout on top.

The program was rewritten in several places too. Most notably, bluetooth support was added by putting small programs to control the pens inside the brick and then calling them from the computer to counter bluetooth lag.
Movement in all four directions was also programmed and support for multiple touches was programmatically possible. However, our windows device running the LabView did not support it properly so it was limited to one. The User Interface was also updated to be more friendly and better looking.




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