For our playful creations, we built two Minions. One Minion tracks where you are and follows you, keeping a certain distance away. The other Minion is a similar concept to a wind-up car. After pushing a button to start recording its motion, the Minion keeps track of motor rotation so it can play back the movement after the button is pushed again, signaling the end of the recording. Both Minions were built with almost the exact same body structure (same frame and motor location, etc.).


Improvements from Prototype

 To improve from our prototypes we make a few changes, and while none were drastic they made a significant difference. We placed a button on the following Minion, allowing the children to easily stop its movement, something that was an issue during the testing. Also, the button on the windup car Minion was changed to make it easier to use. A shorter rod and more gears/wheels were put on to keep them from sliding around. We also were able to make our playspace bigger and more interesting by making the roads look more like roads and putting "buildings" and "parks" throughout the "town". We also were able to change the code for the following Minion to make it slightly more sensitive, and therefore easier for the children to use. We also found a better and more engaging way to explain how to use the following Minion. At the testing, most of the children assumed if they were to run away from it, especially behind it, the Minion would follow them. So instead, we framed it as they can control where it moves by moving in front of it.

Despite these improvements, we did not achieve all of the upgrades we set out to make. We ended up not incorporating the hats into the robot design, but rather used them as decorations for the town. Also, we tried to find a way to make it easier for the children to use the windup car Minion in order to have it work properly. Unfortunately, only some used it in the way we demonstrated, while others continued to use it so that the wheels were sliding rather than turning, so the Minion couldn't track the rotation of the motors.

trackingcode_584f5e12c9b09Tracking Code.vi55.20 KB
windupcarcode2_584f5e1357c41WindUpCarCode2.vi40.89 KB

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