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Additional Information not on the Syllabus


Jason Iskenderian (Jason.Iskenderian@tufts.edu)

Jason Iskenderian is a sophomore at Tufts University. He is studying Computer Engineering as well as exploring history as a potential minor, particularly with a focus on the Byzantine empire and the surrounding regions. Jason’s interests are mainly in computer systems and robotics. During the year Jason participates in robotics club, building various different robots to conquer challenges. Last year’s challenge was to build a robot that could navigate a maze, to identify and put out a fire.

Winnie (Zheng) Lin (Zheng.Lin@tufts.edu)

Winnie Lin is a sophomore at Tufts University who has recently declared Computer Engineer as her major. She enjoys exploring new technology and is currently working on her own independent CS project. This past summer she studied the Python programming language and explored different text editors to find one that is the most compatible with her when coding, and works best on both the Windows and Mac platforms, since she tends to switch between the two frequently.

Office Hours:

Office Hours (“Simple Robotics Meeting”) will be on Sundays in the Mayer Campus Center Room 219 from 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM.