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Final Proj Showcase

Play serves an important role in the development of children. Many things that you know about the world and how it works were developed through play (taking turns, following rules, persistence, trial and error, cause and effect). For the final project of the semester you are to invent, design, develop, build, test, refine, and showcase a new toy for children between ages 4 and 8 years old that supports productive play.

Click here for a full project description (PDF).

Part 2: Final (in-class showcase) on Monday, December 12th, 2016 (3:30pm to 4:15pm)
Documentation (description, images, video, etc) due by Monday (12/12) at 9pm


For our playful creations, we built two Minions. One Minion tracks where you are and follows you, keeping a certain distance away. The other Minion is a similar concept to a wind-up car. After pushing a button to start recording its motion, the Minion keeps track of motor rotation so it can play back the movement […]

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Our project was inspired by the books that little kids play with where they can change the different body parts of characters and attach them to other characters. For this project we created a digital version of this book. There are three wheels that each correspond to moving the head, torso, or legs of different […]

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For our project, we created a musical box with 3 different components.  One component was an electrical piano that could play a one octave scale.  This piano was made of 8 touch sensors that were attached through the back by 3 different axels and taped together for extra support. The 8 sensors were then attached […]

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Arty the Turtle

Made by Faizan Muhammad and Adan Leos Previously called “Lego LOGO Live”, Arty the Turtle is the our final project version of its predecessor prototype featuring many new improvements and functions based on the responses we received and we are happy to say that it was a great success.   Hardware: This model features a […]

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