Chris and Kevin’s Final Digital Drawer

         For this project, we took our previous prototype of the digital drawer and improved upon it. The basic concept stayed the same during development while some adjustments were made to the images and the mechanical construction of the robot.
        The robot still contains the two motors on the left and right side to control the cursor, as well as two other motors: one to control the stamp selection and the other to erase the image. For the sensor ports there are three buttons that control the turning on/off of the pen, the placement of the stamp, and the change of background
Improvements from Prototype

 For our toy we made improvements to both our code and our robot based on the feedback and observation during the prototype presentation. 

In the code we removed the face backgrounds that the kids did not like. We also added in several extra stamps based on what the kids said they liked such as spiderman, a dolphin, a panda, and a chess piece. We also decided to include two different mazes of varying difficulty as backgrounds in order to add an objective for the older children who got bored of just drawing on the screen. We also added sound for every time one of the three buttons is pressed to make it more appealing. 

Mechanics wise, we decided to change the orientation of the motor that controlled the up/down movement of the cursor so that it felt more natural. We also made adjustments to the color sensor apparatus so that it was more compact and easier to use. Another improvement that we made was that we added visual labels to the buttons and motors in the form of pictures so that the children could identify what each of the inputs did; this made the robot less confusing. Additionally, we added some pieces along the side of the robot to improve the stability so that it didn't tip over when the kids used it. The most obvious change would have to be the addition of a colored case around the robot in order to hide the intricate construction so that it not only looks better but it keeps the kids focused on the buttons and motors that they can use. 

digitaldrawerfinal_584f4bc5bef88Digital Drawer Final .zip573.85 KB

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