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Proj 7: Video Game

For this project, you will be building an Interactive Video Game. “Interactive” means it needs to leverage sensors and react to the user, “video” means you should have some GUI (graphical user interface) for the user, and “game” meaning it should be fun (and have other game like attributes).

Click here for the full (PDF) project description.

Project (in-class showcase of video games) due on Monday, November 14th, 2016
Documentation (description, images, videos, code, etc) due to website by Mon (11/14) by 9pm

Jumbo Hunt

 David Carratu Paul Gelhaus   Jumbo Hunt Video Game Documentation   For this project we created a “top-down” style video game. The objective of the video game is to move the character around the background, a satellite image of the Tufts campus, to find Jumbo. For the background, we took a screenshot of a google […]

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