Our project was inspired by the books that little kids play with where they can change the different body parts of characters and attach them to other characters. For this project we created a digital version of this book. There are three wheels that each correspond to moving the head, torso, or legs of different characters which makes three distinct noises as you turn the wheels. As you rotate the wheel, it scrolls through the different character options. For example, you could put together all of Superman’s body parts together, or you could have Superman’s head, Snow White’s torso and Buzz Lightyear's legs. This toy is supposed to be creative, silly and collaborative as up to three different kids can be changing the body parts at a time. We have not set it as a game intentionally to let the kids explore what they want to match and create.


Reflection on Prototype:

  • We added more characters to mix and match with and made the images sharper. This allows the kids to have more variability in their creativity. However, with this addition, the images were laggy when moved. We fixed this problem by shrinking the images so that they take up less space.

  • We also added distinct sounds for each wheel to be played when rotated. This add to the usage of more of the 5 senses.

  • For the structure, we designed it so that the wheels were in parallel with that images, that is left and right on the image is equivalent to turning the wheel left and right. In addition, we ordered the wheel as that it went from head, body, to legs. By doing this, the structure the kids wouldn’t be rolling the wheels on the table, but rather, spinning it. This makes the game more intuitive, and we noticed that the children did immediately know which wheel controlled which part of the body without us instructing them.



toy2_584f571e8cca5Toy2.vi10.69 MB

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