Robotic Scorpion



For our robotics project, we decided to create a robotic scorpion. We started off by designing the base and leg movement,so we used tracks for the legs to emphasize the side-legs of a scorpion. Mounted on top of the base is the EV3 brick connected to 4 motors and 2 sensors (ultrasonic and touch). The two motors for the wheels are placed in the back of the scorpion’s body as a base for its tail. The other two motors are placed in the front and are used to make the scorpion’s claws rotate forward and backward as if trying to grip something. On top of the brick we placed the ultrasonic sensor as a pair of eyes for our robot. And finally, we placed the touch sensor on the tip of the scorpion's tail to represent the stinger.

The way our robot works is, it starts off in a forward motion until the ultrasonic sensor identifies a nearby object, then it brakes and the robot stops moving. After this, if you press the touch sensor (stinger) the scorpion will then grip its claws together.


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